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Victim Crisis Assistance Program

Navigating the initial stages of any crisis can be stressful and confusing. Support from a professional, knowledgeable counsellor on all options available can make a meaningful impact moving forward. Our flexible, client-centered program promotes the victim/survivors’ safety and stability, providing tailored interventions to support each individual. Our extensively-trained team can offer the following:

  • emotional support
  • resources and referrals
  • systems advocacy
  • financial assistance
  • safety planning
  • assistance in navigating bureaucracies (such as: Criminal Injuries Compensation, subsidized housing, ODSP, Ontario Works, child care services, Police, etc.).

In order to best serve all individuals, we have access to translation services for over 300 languages.


Follow-up support

At Victim Services of Durham Region, we provide follow-up support after a crime occurs, promoting the safety and wellbeing of victims. During this time, we provide emotional support and practical assistance in navigating systems. We ensure all individuals receive the resources and supports, that are available to them.


Financial assistance

The Victim Quick Response Program (VQRP) provides assistance to victims and family members of violent crimes who require immediate financial support. If eligible, financial assistance is available for emergency expenses including travel, counselling, crime scene restoration and funeral expenses. There is additional assistance available for survivors of human trafficking. The VQRP strives to bridge the gap between the needs occurring at the time of the crime, and the longer-term supports that can be accessed later. When eligible, the Crisis Intervention Counsellor will facilitate the application process to the Victims and Vulnerable Persons Division of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.

Prevention of Human Trafficking

Our programs empower youth and service providers with psycho-education through interactive workshops on human trafficking. Our workshops help youth and service providers recognize risk factors and early red flags, to prevent youth from being trafficked.

How Victim Services of Durham Region can help: Our workshops answer the common questions: How does this happen in Canada? Why don’t victims just leave? We also provide youth and service providers with psycho-education on human trafficking vital to preventing and responding to this epidemic in the GTA.

Youth Prevention Services on Human Trafficking

Grade 9 students receive interactive 1-2 hour workshops explaining healthy relationships, how to set boundaries and how to understand the nuances of consent. Workshops are offered in partnership with the Durham Regional Police Services. Please contact Victim Services of Durham Region if you are interested in hearing more about our presentation.

Professional Training on Human Trafficking

We offer full day and half day workshops for law enforcement, teachers, guidance counsellors, Crown Attorneys and social service providers. We teach how to effectively prevent and intervene with individuals involved in human trafficking.

We also offer half day workshops for hotel staff members in partnership with the Town of Ajax.

Please contact Victim Services of Durham Region if you are interested in hearing more on this presentation.

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