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  • Volunteer

    Victim Services of Durham Region utilizes extensively trained Volunteer Crisis Counsellors who work alongside our Crisis Intervention Counsellors. Volunteer Crisis Counsellors

    • Provide telephone emotional support and crisis intervention
    • Assist in community events
    • Provide referrals for survivors/victims and their families

    Provide support to survivors/Victims and their families on scene with a Crisis Intervention Counsellor

    Please complete a volunteer application. You will be contacted by our Volunteer Coordinator regarding next steps.

    Become a Volunteer

  • Student Placement

    Victims Services of Durham Region actively trains and engages professional students to expand their learning at our agency. Students support all aspects of agency programming, service delivery and operations, practicing from a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive framework. For inquiries regarding student placements please email:

  • Donate

    After the police leave, victims need practical assistance and emotional support. Help is needed at this time, when victims are most vulnerable. Without Victim Services of Durham, victims have to navigate the confusing array of community agencies on their own. Without us, the police would have to remain longer at the scene; once we arrive, the police can move on and respond to others. We support clients in beginning to process what they have been through and connect them to supports in order to rebuild their lives.

    Make an Impact in Durham:

    • $50 buys the basic necessities for a woman that has fled her home (toiletries, diapers etc.)
    • $200 pays for a locksmith to change the locks and install window locks
    • $1000 pays for the removal of a tattoo that has branded a human trafficking survivor
    • $2000 sets up a family in a new home (security deposit, winter jackets, groceries)

    Thank you.


  • Used Phones

    For some victims, keeping their own cell phones puts their safety at risk; their abusers may be able to trace their phone and track them down. Some survivors don’t have phones, as their abuser holds and controls it.

    Victim Services Durham needs used cell phones that enable emergency calls, even without a plan. This includes Apple, Android and Blackberry devices. If you are upgrading your phone, please consider donating your old phone to help victims of crime and unforeseen tragedy remain safe.

    To donate, please contact us at (905) 721-4226. Or drop off your used cell phone (and charger) at any Durham police station.

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