Why we are Unique in Durham

  • We fill a gap

    After a crime or tragedy occurs and first responders leave, victims are often left on their own. Our staff and volunteers contact victims immediately, and provide the support necessary for victims.

  • We help victims of all crimes

    Our team is trained to respond to individuals experiencing all traumas and sudden tragedies. We have a combination of paid staff responders and volunteers to ensure a prompt and effective response.

  • Our services are 24/7

    Crime unfortunately occurs at all hours. We are available to the police immediately, on site or over the telephone 24/7.

  • Accessible

    Our services are available to anyone in Durham who identifies as a victim/survivor of crime. We can be reached at (905) 721-4226. We respect that many victims are not interested in reporting crimes to police. Individuals do not need to report crimes to the police to access our services. We have access to interpreters for over 300 languages.

  • Confidential

    We keep victim’s information confidential, including from the police.

  • Police refer to us

    Most referrals come from Durham Regional Police Service, the Ontario Provincial Police and by self-referral from community members.

Our Leadership Team


Carly Kalish, Executive Director

Carly Kalish is an advocate, innovator, and go-to thought leader for survivors of trauma. Carly holds a Master of Social Work from the City University of New York. She currently attends the non-profit management program at Harvard University. Carly is the recipient of the Toronto Police Services “Leading the Path Award”, Toronto Foundation’s “Vital People Grant” and Attorney General’s “Victim Services Award” for her dedication to working with survivors of domestic human trafficking.

Kayla Yama, Clinical Director

Kayla Yama is an educator, tireless supporter, and activist on behalf of survivors of violence. Kayla obtained a Master of Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Continuing Education Certificate in Brief Therapy from the University of Toronto. With a breadth of experience working with survivors in a clinical, management and program development capacity, Kayla is committed to prevention, and expanding communities’ abilities to support vulnerable members.

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